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Defibrillator Analyzers

DELTA 3300

Defibrillator / Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer

The DELTA 3300 Defibrillator / Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer is a precision instrument for.... View More

DELTA 1600

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Analyzer

The Delta 1600 is a precision, compact, and battery operated i.... View More

Delta 3000A

Delta 3000A - Defibrillator and Transcutaneous Pacer Analyzer

.... View More

Delta 3000

Defibrillator Analyzers - Netech Model Delta 3000

.... View More

Delta 1500

AED Tester

.... View More

Pacemaker Analyzers

EXPMT 2000

External Pacemaker Analyzer - EXPMT 2000

EXPMT 2000 External Pacemaker Analyzer is FDA approved and has evolved f.... View More

Electrical Safety Analyzers

LKG 601

LKG 601 - Basic Electrical Safety Analyzer

LKG 601 Electrical Safety Analyzer is an extremely easy to use portable Elect.... View More

LKG 610

LKG 610 - Electrical Safety Analyzer - 10 Lead ECG

LKG 610 Electrical Safety Analyzer is designed to test .... View More

MultiPro 2000

Full-Function Electrical Safety Analyzer & Multi-parameter Simulator

MultiPro 2000 (PN: 560) is a full-featured, compact portable analyzer designed for the testi.... View More

Patient Simulators

MiniSim 1000 -

ECG Arrhythmia Simulator

 MiniSim-1000 Arrhythmia Simulator is a powerful yet ba.... View More

MiniSim 1000 Pa

MiniSim 1000 Patient Simulator - ECG, Arrhythmia, BP, Resp &Temp.

MiniSim 1000 patient Simulator is a multi-parameter Patient Simulat.... View More

330 - EEG Simul

_EEG Patient Simulator

Netech Model MiniSim EEG Simulator is designed to test EEG instruments includ.... View More

MicroSim COS -1

Cardiac Output Simulator - MicroSim COS

MicroSim COS Cardiac Output Simulator is a standalone instrument designed t.... View More

Infusion Pump Analyzer

IPA 2000

_Infusion Pump Analyzer - IPA 2000

IPA 2000  Infusion Pump Analyzer is a versatile, rugged instrument .... View More

Pressure Meters

DigiMano 1000

DigiMano 1000 - Pressure Vacuum Meter

DigiMano 1000 Pressure Vacuum Meter is a portable digital in.... View More

BPCalibration K

Blood Pressure Meter Calibration Kit

 DigiMano BP Calibration Kit is a blood pressure c.... View More

DigiMano 2000

DigiMano 2000 Digital Pressure and Vacuum Gauge

DigiMano 2000 Digital Pressure  Vacuum Meter is a versa.... View More

DigiMano 2500

Precision Pressure Vacuum Meter

Digimano 2500 Digital Pressure Vacuum Meter is a versat.... View More

UniMano 1000

UniMano 1000 - Universal Pressure Vacuum Meter

UniMano 1000 Pressure Vacuum Meter is .... View More

Gas Flow Meters

Digiflow 2000

Gas Flow Meter

.... View More

DigiFlo 1000

DigiFlo 1000 - Digital Gas Flow Meter

.... View More

Ultrasound Power Meters

Ultrasound Watt

Ultrasound Wattmeter - VUW-7

VUW-7 Digital Ultrasound Wattmeter/Power Meter is a precision instrument desi.... View More

Service Kits

Custom Field Se

Custom Field Service Kit - Field Service Kit

With the Netech Custom Service Repair Kit, you can create your own specific t.... View More

Advanced Field

Advanced Field Service Kit - Clinical Engineering Service Kit

The convenient Netech Advanced Field Service Kit is designed to ade.... View More

Biomedical Serv

Custamizable Biomedical Service Kit

Netech Fundamental Field Service Kit includes all the basic tools to ade.... View More

Temperature Calibrators


Temp-Cal - YSI 700 Probe Simulator / Temperature Calibrator

Netech Temp-Cal Temperature Calibrator Box simulates YSI 700 probes with 1 ac.... View More



Digital Laser Tachometer - Handheld LCD / LED

.... View More


Tachometer - Laser and contact Tachometer MT200

The compact MT-200 Combination Laser Tachometer is a contact/non-contact devi.... View More


MT-100 - Contact Tachometer with LCD Display

 MT-100 Contact Tachometer has a large LCD display that shows 14 differe.... View More


Extech EX470

Extech EX470 - Digital Multimeter


Extech MM570

Extech MM570 - Multimeter 100kHz True RMS

MultiMasterSeries Precision MultiMeters500,000 / 50,000 count, High accuracy, Wide bandwidth A.... View More



EXTECH EA-11 - Single Input Heavy Duty Thermometer

The EXTECH EA-11, Heavy Duty Thermometer is one of the widely used Heavy Duty Thermometers ava.... View More

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