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Patient Simulators

Patient Simulators are essential tools that allow you to accurately test and verify the performance of your patient monitoring equipment and systems. They do this by simulating various types of patient biological conditions such as ECG, blood pressure, and temperature.

Netech Patient Simulators are the solution for fast and efficient testing of patient monitoring equipment. We offer four different patient simulator models, each with its own unique set of features, including ECG Simulator, Cardiac Rhythm Generator, and Blood Pressure Simulator. Scroll down for a summary of each of our models.

MiniSim-1000 Arrhythmia Simulator is a powerful yet basic patient simulator in a compact case. It is designed for testing the performance of all ECG monitoring instrumentation quickly and easily. 300his comprehensive microprocessor based instrument is menu driven using the tactile feel keypad and easy-to-follow LCD display.


  • Best Value
  • Easy to Use
  • Compact Size
  • Menu Driven Operation
  • Large LCD Display
  • Tactile Keypad
  • Battery or AC Operation
Netech MiniSim 1000 ECG Arrhythmia Simulator

MiniSim 1000

Description: ECG Arrhythmia Simulator

MiniSim 1000 patient Simulator is a multi-parameter Patient Simulator designed for testing and verifying the performance of patient monitoring sytems quickly and easily. This microprocessor based instrument is menu driven by the soft touch keypad and intuitive LCD display.

It simulates ECG, arrhythmia, blood pressure, respiratory simulation and temperature as well as performance waveform including sine, triangular, pulse and square wave.


  • 12 Lead ECG
  • 45 Arrhythmias
  • ECG Performance Waveforms
  • 2 Blood Pressure Simulations
  • Respiration / Apnea
  • Temperature
  • Easy to Use
  • Small, Compact Size
  • Menu Driven Operation
  • Large LCD Display
  • Tactile Keypad
  • Battery or AC Powered
Netech MiniSim 1000 Patient Simulator

MiniSim 1000

Description: Patient Simulator

Netech Model MiniSim EEG Simulator is designed to test EEG instruments including Recorders and Sleep Study Monitors. This compact, microcontroller based instrument has five separate floating outputs and simulates Alpha-Beta Rhythm ABR, Sine, Square and Triangle waveforms with user selectable frequencies and amplitudes from 10 microvolt to 3.5 milli volt.


  • Large LCD Display
  • Clean Microvolt Signals
  • Selectable Amplitudes
  • Selectable Frequencies
  • Compact, Rugged Case
  • Ideal for Sleep Study EEG Monitor Testing
Netech MiniSim 330 EEG Simulator

MiniSim 330

Description: EEG Simulator

MicroSim COS Cardiac Output Simulator is the only cardiac output simulator the true waveform. It is ideal for testing the performance of Thermal Dilution Cardiac Output Monitoring systems. It simulates Baxter Edwards catheter compatible. It simulates four blood flow rates, two blood temperatures and two injectate temperatures may be selected


  • Baxter Edwards Catheter Compatible
  • Four Blood Flow Rates
  • Two Blood Temperatures
  • Two Injectate Temperatures
  • Small, Lightweight
  • Power up Self Test
  • LED Indication of Selected Function
  • Battery Operation
Netech MicroSim COS-1111 Cardiac Output Simulator

MicroSim COS-1111

Description: Cardiac Output Simulator