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Cardiac Output Simulator - MicroSim COS

Product Code : 1111

MicroSim COS Cardiac Output Simulator is a standalone instrument designed to simulate true cardiac output waveforms.
It is ideal for testing the performance of Thermal Dilution Cardiac Output Monitoring systems. It simulates Baxter Edwards catheter systems and provides more testing capabilities than devices that require connection to another patient simulator.
MicroSim COS simulates four blood flow rates, two blood temperatures, and two injectate temperatures may be selected.
A total of 32 normal curves and square waves are available to the user. It is simple to use using the four tactile feel keys operate the instrument.
The LEDs indicate the test being performed. A power-up self-test indicates that the instrument is performing properly. It is powered by a 9-volt battery.
Simple to operate, the MicroSim COS is an accurate and powerful instrument in a small package. 

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    • Baxter Edwards Catheter Compatible
    • Four Blood Flow Rates
    • Two Blood Temperatures
    • Two Injectate Temperatures
    • Small, Lightweight
    • Power up Self Test
    • LED Indication of Selected Function
    • Battery Operation


    Catheter Size: 7F
    Injectate Volume: 10cc
    Computational Constant: 0.542
    Cardiac output Selections: 3, 5, 6, 7 LpM (letter/minute); Accuracy 5% +/- .1 LpM
    Blood Temperature37° C and 38° C (98.6°and 100.4° F); Accuracy 2% +/- 0.1°C (32.18° F)
    Injectate Temperature5° C and 20° C (41°and 68° F); Accuracy 2% +/- 0.1°C (32.18° F)  


    Electrical: Power: 9 Volt Alkaline Battery Battery Life: 100 hours Continuos Operation
    Dimensions: 4.75" x 2.75" x 1.25" (120.7x68.6x31.8 cm)
    Weight: .5Lbs (227g) With Battery; Shipping Weight: 3 Lbs. (1.36kg)


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