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Tachometer - Laser and contact Tachometer MT200

Product Code : MT 200

The compact MT-200 Combination Laser Tachometer is a contact/non-contact device providing 14 different units of measurements including RPM, inch/minute, feet/minute to total length measurements in feet and meters. Both the MT-200 Combination Laser Tachometer and the MT-100 Contact Tachometer have a large LCD display and offer a variety of features.

These rugged units fit perfectly in the left or right hand, and are easy to read. The MT-200 comes with a tracable NIST Certificate.

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    Large LCD Display
    Multiple Units of Measure for Rate and Total Revolutions
    Direct length measurement meters, yards, inches, feet
    Non-contact tachometer incorporaes  laser for accuracy and ease of use
    Laser accurate up to 6' (1.82 m) from target - safety equals distance from rotating parts
    Intelligent Control Layout
    14-reading, five-minute memory-stores data for later recording
    Memory includes last, minimum, maximum and average of memory results
    Rugged carrying case, 6" (152 mm) circumference wheel, cone tip, funnel adapter, reflective tape non-contact tachometers only included
    Battery Powered (batteries included)


    5 digit 0.47'' (12 mm) height LCD

    Revolutions per Minute (RPM)
    Non-Contact: 6.0 - 99,999
    Contact: 6.0 - 25,000

    Surface Speed (Using 6'' Wheel)
    m/min: 0.1 - 3,809.8
    yards/min: 1.0 - 4,166.4
    inch/min: 36 - 99,999
    feet/min: 3.0 - 12,499

    Length (Using 6'' Wheel)
    m: 0.2 - 99,999
    yards: 0.2 - 99,999
    feet: 0.5 - 99,999

    Total number of revolutions (rev)
    1 - 99,999

    Measuring Accuracy Revolution:
    6.0 - 599.9 rpm: +/- 1 rpm 600 - 99,999 rpm: +/- 0.006% and +/- 0.5 digit Surface Speed, Length: 0.4% and +/- 1 digit

    Memory function
    14 readings are stored in memory and retained for 5 minutes (Last, Max., Min., Average, and 10 selectable measurements) Update Time 1 second

    Detection Laser : Diode

    Auto POWER Off Function : 5 minutes

    Batteries Included : 3 AA 1.5V

    Low Battery Indicator : Flashing ''LO BAT'' Display

    Over Range Indicator : Flashing ''OVR'' Display


    Operating Temperature : 32-113 Degrees F (0 - 45 Degrees C)

    ABS resin

    Outside dimensions
    4.55'' L x 2.52'' W x 1.24'' H (115.5 mm x 64 mm x 31.5 mm) (main unit)

    Overall length (When a correct adapter is installed):

    Weight Main unit:
    0.35-lb (160 g)(including batteries)

    Contact adapter:
    0.11lb (50 g)

    Accessories :
    Carrying Case:
    Cone Adapter:
    Funnel Adapter:
    Master Wheel (6'' cir.):
    Contact Adapter:
    35 reflective tabs:
    NIST Certificate:
    Operation Instructions

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